Ride fast...

...jump high !

Raoul Schneeberger


Date of Birth:
04th October 2008

Emric Schneeberger


Date of Birth: 
04th November 2011

Mountain Bike


Emric and Raoul compete in the main junior races in Europe. They collected several victories and podiums in the Rookies Cup, iXS Downhill Cup, Hot Trail Series and Catalan Kids Cup in 2022. Raoul won the Swiss Champs as well !


The Schneeberger brothers really like speed and huge jumps.
Raoul was the youngest guy ever who rode the biggest jumps in the world in Malmedy (BEL) during the Loosefest in 2021 when he was only 12 years old !


Show the boys a high ramp, and you will make them happy for sure.
They do crazy tricks ! 
Emric and Raoul were invited by the Masters of Dirt in Vienna (AUT) in 2022, and performed 4 days in a row in front of 16'000 pax !