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Scott Headquarters - Givisiez (CH)

11th of October: Calais-Dover

First stop: Hastings-The Source Park, it was very nice.
Then Corby (near London) Adrenaline Allay where we met our  friend Harry Schofield. 

After that, we started our trip to Alf and Jake’s to Lancashire near Liverpool. They welcomed us for a month and from there we visited many bike parks and skate parks (AE forest MTB Scotland, Revolution BPWales, Graystone Salford, Ramp 1 Warrington, Junction 4Darwen, Pimbo Bike Park Skeimersdale, One Giant Leap Llangollen Wales, Fly Up Witecombe Wales...).

We met with Max from Reverse Components and Flowgroh, team rider from Reverse Components at Revolution BP in Wales. We are now on our way to London area. 
The ferry is booked for the 30th of November from Portsmouth to St Malo. 
Until the time change, the weather was still warm for the season but since then it’s a British cold autumn 😅

Raoul, Festi, Toni, Laetitia & Emric ​· Revolution Bike-Park, Wales · 2022

Photo by Max @ Reverse Components

Emric turned 11 on november 4th.

Check his 2022 summary video here.

Emric ​· Revolution Bike-Park, Wales · 2022

Photo by Max @ Reverse Components

Room with a view !

Santi, the film director of The Nine Wheels & the Schneeberger family


EVO Jam 

Dignes-les-Bains (FRA)

24th-25th September 2022

The EVO Jam 2022 was scheduled on the last week-end of september 2022 in the Haute-Provence French Alps.

Ranked amongst the most beautiful bike-parks in the world, EVO Bike Park was in perfect condition before the week-end. We had great runs with many friends !
The line-up was impressive, with lots of top riders.

Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, the main event of the EVO Jam had to be cancelled. 

Nevertheless, we had a lot of pleasure to be there, like always at Evo Bike-Park !

Do you want to have a look at Raoul's backflip ? 
It's here

Raoul & Emric - EVO Bike Park 2022

Photo by Reverse Components

Emric - EVO Bike Park 2022

Photo by Gaétan Riou

Hot Trail Series + Swiss Champs

Photo by ​Sierre-Anniviers Marketing

Raoul ​· Photo by ​Sierre-Anniviers Marketing

Raoul on top ! Photo by ​Cat Vallat

Hit The Park

Verbier (CH)

21st August 2022

Avoriaz (FRA)

23rd August 2022

Fox Hit The Park are always great events, where amateurs and Fox Pro Riders, 
like the Spanish brothers Lluis and Andreu Lacondeguy, have fun together on the tracks.

Ra​oul, Jose Sanchez, Lluis and Andreu Lacondeguy

Last briefing with Raoul before the run.




Hot Trail 

La Berra (CH)
13th-14th August 2022 

Congrats, Emric !

As there isn't any U13 Category at the Hot Trail Series, Emric had to compete
in the U15 Category.
His rank 13/45 is a very good performance in U15,
as most of the participants 
are born in 2008 and 2009.
He set the best time amongst
      riders born in 2011.

Raoul didn't participate, due to some pain in the wrist.

Rookies Cup

San Cassiano

Alta Badia (ITA)

16th-17th July 2022

After a few days spent in Slovenia at
the Flat Out Days, 
we went to San Cassiano
Alta Badia (ITA) 
for the Rookies Cup.

What a beautiful landscape !

On saturday, Emric was ranked 4th in the 
seeding race of the U13 category.


Photo by Prodigy Pics

Everything went perfectly for Raoul in U15,
as he set the fastest qualifying time.


Photo by Schnittbilder.at

On Sunday, Raoul was unbeatable and won the race 
in the U15 category !

Second victory in a row in the Rookies Cup, oh yeah !

Great run and podium for Emric as well.
In the U13 category, he took the 2nd place !

We are delighted to leave Italy with 
two more medals in the pocket ! 

Flat Out Days

Freeride Fes​tival
Kočevje (SLO)

11th-17th July 2022

It was a great pleasure 
to be invited by Flat Out Days in Kočevje.
Nice and hot weather, 
lots of friends, yummy food and 
well shaped lines !

Photo by Niko Olavric

Emric rode 
the medium line

Raoul rode
the big line

Photo by Don Mario

Photo by Zoe Bsq

Photo by Zoe Bsq

Photo by Zoe Bsq

Photo by Hanna Retz

We were not able to stay in Slovenia during 
the whole festival,
as we already planned to reach 
Alta Badia in Italy
to spend the week-end there for the 
Rookies Cup.

But we will be back
in Kočevje for sure !

Rookies Cup

Saalbach (AUT)

9th-10th July 2022

Austria, here we come !

the track 
the brothers !

Emric and Raoul
were selected by Racement
to record the course preview.

Great performances by the boys on sunday.

Emric was ranked 5th in the U13 category 
(first rider born in 2011).

Raoul won in 
the U15 category !